About the Girl

I’m often described by others in ways I do not consider myself to be, but the flattery is always welcome.

 I’m self-critical, adventurous but kind of boring at the same time. I enjoy wigs, disguises, and vegetarian food. 

I’m resilient, messy, and  addicted to travel & plane rides. 

I love people, and I’m a loner.

I live extremely minimally in comparison to most. 

I love art. I love to create.

 I’m very simple with expensive taste.

 I love food, nature, holistic healing and introspection. 

I am selfish and I am giving. 

I love the art of connecting the dots and having faith.

I am an athlete and I am lazy. 

I love comedy, and I love horror. 

I am a morning person and I talk to the moon. 

I am confident and I deal with self-doubt. 

 I have fear, I have struggle, I have life, I am resilient.
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