Unplanned in The Great White.

by Dori Nicole

This post can easily be called “2 Birds, One stone.” or maybe “Why you should always book your airfare the first time you search for it.”

I’ve decided to ruin the “surprise” that I will be traveling to the Hawaiian Islands next weekend. I haven’t lost my excitement for it but I was inspired here at 3am to send an impromptu update to the world and to rant at myself for never taking my own advice.

Traveling to new places are always a surreal experience for me. Especially when it is to a place that has been on my bucket list my entire life. Even now that all of my airfares and accommodations are booked, It still doesn’t feel as if I am really going to this place, that I’m really going alone, or that I’m actually going to be flying for 7 hours over the ocean. I’m almost waiting for mother nature to interrupt. To send a storm the airline refuses to fly through and the attendants to offer me a refund or voucher to go at a different time.

Granted I’m a step ahead from where I was last year when I booked several one way tickets and never went because it felt too damn unreal. I was crazy and wasted about $500 total. Now I’m up to almost a grand and that is my limit. I’m going.

A couple of days ago I made the decision that I wasn’t going to stay past the 22nd of January so I checked Skyscanner (my fave) for prices as I wasn’t keen on spending more than $250 for my return ticket to Los Angeles. I saw that yes, flights were available for that price so I’ll just book it tomorrow because I was busy hanging out in my pajamas. It could wait.

So now it’s tomorrow and my ticket home is $400.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 3.10.09 AM

Final Destination : L.A. Home Sweet Home kinda.

I’m not sure exactly when I will learn my lesson. Maybe it will be this time because that sent me into a panic that I wouldn’t be going on my trip at all. It was 2am and I went on a frantic search to Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin, Delta. Kayak and Skyscanner (again and again). Finally I found a ticket in my price range and behold, with my purchase I also managed to knock another thing off of my bucket list… unintentionally.

This year, I set the travel goal of going outside of my country for the first time. I’m a bit of a failure because I still have yet to get my first passport so that was another thing. I assumed that I would end up going down the street to Mexico to complete this goal, however now my first step out of the country will be in Vancouver, BC. Spending the night in the airport.

One thing that worries my mom the most about my travel style is that I would much rather stop in different airports than to take a straight shot to my destination if it means I’m saving lots of money. She tried it last year when I booked a cheap flight to Puerto Rico for her; she was so exhausted she vowed to not get on another plane for a year or two.

I’m the opposite. My favorite place is in the air and I love checking out new airports, however this time is little bit annoying to think about. It’s worth the $200 savings and who knows the potential friends I’ll make and all the poutine I may eat.

However I would much rather just make it home than to kick it in a random airport out of the country over night.

Maybe I’ll bring home a few bags of All Dressed Ruffles.

(Update : this has since been canceled. I decided to take the more comfortable albeit more expensive route like a good girl.)