Getting My Shit Together.

by Dori Nicole

Procrastination has been kicking my ass like it does to everyone else. There are about 3 things I want to work on but I gave in and started to slack as per usual when I do things on my own time. It’s to be expected worked on. It’s coming.

Procrastination for me, lately, looks like watching endless youtube,    marathoning Jessica Jones & thinking in circles about how completely insane it is that I am sitting on a gigantic marble in the middle of space with billions of other people and things and there’s no escaping it. Like what is even going on?

I aimed to post every day on this blog and after 3 weeks of success, I gave myself a break once I had to eat vegetarian pizza dipped in ranch sauce for Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of a place that still looks like summer. I was confused and decided my life was under construction and shouldn’t be written about at that time.

That’s typical, right? Us thinking we have to have all of our shit together to  do this and that when there’s no such thing as ever having all of our shit together?

It seems like the perfect excuse and the perfect way out from just getting things done, but it’s also that way of thinking that will have us looking at our selves all wrinkled and bewildered in the mirror wondering where all the time went once we hear the coffin callin’.