My Plight with Vintage Boots.

by Dori Nicole

This is the second time these boots have made it to the blog but care, I do not! I got these for $10 up the street at one of the many thrift stores in Long Beach. They were classic, comfortable and has those old school notches you have to wrap the strings around to get to the top. Gah! It’s like a puzzle! My love for old ass boots is insane.


The first time These made it to the blog, was also the first time I wore them. My jeans were so ashy afterwards. ASHY! I’m pretty sure the boots were cheap because they need to be reupholstered some sort of way. BUT when I love, I love hard (cry face) so I decided that layering the bottom half could be a “thing” .

I think I’m just going to wear my cozy socks over the pant legs from now on.