Life Experiments & Coats.

by Dori Nicole

I finally bought a coat! Two actually. Something to fit my personal style without being so girly and suction-like. Something comfortable.

It was delivered on a hot summer November day. 81 degrees, go figure.

I went with the Anorak style for both. In Black and in Olive. Both are faux fur lined with draw strings and have all the other fashion things people talk about to make me not feel like so much of a frump.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 1.21.47 PM

I don’t really like to put pictures up of myself anymore. It’s something weird about it.

Sometimes I feel myself begin to take people for granted and I forget to call unless it’s important. I called my mom today to tell her I won’t be back for ThanksGiving for the first time. It wasn’t sad. It was nice.

Hey Mom, thanks Mom. You’re great.