Vampires of Capitalism. A Monologue.

by Dori Nicole

Why aren’t your tasks complete?! Why are they late? Why did you let an employees tardiness slide as a manager? You are a bad example. You can’t do this because you will be a bad example. Why didn’t you write her up? Do it now! In front of me! By the way you need to be here 64 hours a week and overtime on Saturdays to sit at the same exact meeting we had last Saturday. No this is not a drill or a rerun.

You can’t make your rent on this pay? Totally not my problem, Miss! Also don’t care that you need health insurance. What makes you think you deserve something like that?

Oh you are so personable, you make us so much money! Oh that smile, it drags clients in! promotion!

Surprise! you get even more hours of work and an extra dollar.  A full list of even more responsibilities and daily questions to go along with your fancy new  title. Call your mom! This will make her proud. This accomplishment will make you even more respectable to society.

Oh.. you are ill?

oh… you are injured?

Well, I’m sorry to hear that…. if there is anything at all that I can do, let me know…our prayers are with you.

So, how are you doing? It’s been awhile since we last talked and I’m sure you are probably wondering where your flowers and get well soon cards are. I’m here to tell you that it’s highly probable that they aren’t coming. Your brain must still be in a fog if you truly thought I cared. I’m your abusive other half and I had already moved on before you even pushed the End Call button. I’m patiently waiting on you to give me permission to officially pull the cord.

So… Can I?… pull the cord?

OHHKAAAy who’s next? come on down! you lucky lady, sir, are in for a treat. 64 hour weeks and a dollar extra. Don’t worry you’ll be working overtime every Saturday to make your rent…