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Diy Skin Care : Organic Lemon Verbena Body Butter 


There is a specific way She speaks to me. It’s almost like several whispers between the trees telling me to go in the same one direction. I’ll have the same sight of something multiple times, an old friend will reappear in my life to remind me of my art – a deliberate swift kick to my ass to keep going because I have a history  of giving in to discouragement instead of just doing shit anyway. 

Sometimes she will literally build a wall to stop me dead in my tracks so I can stay on my right path- whatever that is.

Once I see the people I’ve touched with my gifts, I see the reasons for my work. I see why my passion for the arts never dies. I also see the ways in which I am guided back to it repeatedly.

And there is no need to commit to just one form as I once thought. I can use everything I have inside of me, so long as I keep creating and using my powers for good. 

I’m a maker.

Back to the point, here to share a new “recipe” I made this week along with my own process for making it :

       Lemon Verbena Body Butter.

Ingredients Include:

Mango Butter – highly effective moisturizing and healing butter; great for eczema, awesome Shea butter alternative

Kokum Butter – dry hard butter from India. High in vitamin E . Softens the skin and maintains hydration

Unrefined Coconut Oil – high in Lauric acids also provides great texture to finished product. Penetrates the skin and offers a beautiful glow to brown skin

Apricot Kernel Oil – brightens complexion, counteracts itchiness of the skin, dryness and inflammation

Sweet Almond Oil- rich in natural A, E and B vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids

Rose hip oil – omega 3,6,9 fatty acids. Corrects sun damage, fine lines and fades scars and stretch marks

Vitamin E (preservative)

Lemongrass essential oil 

I’ve been having fun with this new journey I’ve been on and have been scribbling down tons of ideas to work on, and testing them out. After finally taking my skin care into my own hands and ridding myself of psoriasis, eczema , and what seemed like a horrendous pile of very unsexy BACNE recently I’ve been inspired to keep it up and help others in their quest for soft, supple glowing brown  (or porcelain) skin.

I attributed part of my skin issues to a severe allergy to Shea butter which had been consistently recommended to me by others and used in almost all skin care products on the market. After using it and only receiving greasy skin and even more painful rashes, I finally gave up on it and began making my own skin things-completely void of it. 

Firstly, I began with about 1 cup of butter into a metal bowl over a double boiler on low heat as to gently warm and melt them together without zapping all of the essential nutrients. 

I intentionally used more mango butter than kokum for this recipe. About 80% mango to 20% kokum as Kokum butter is a much dryer and harder butter and too much of it can make the product a bit too stiff for what I was looking for

After melting the two I removed the bowl from the heat and added a heaping tablespoon of Unrefined coconut oil that had a strong scent to compliment the lemongrass essential oil added later on. 

The lingering heat of the melted butters allows for the coconut oil to melt on its own without the unnecessary use of continuous heat. 

Then to that add 

1 tbsp Apricot Kernel Oil

2 tbsp Sweet almond oil, 

mix well and then I threw it into the freezer for about 23 minutes until it was solid around the perimeter but loose and opaque in the center. Like this : 

Scrape the sides of the bowl down into one mass, then with a whisk attachment on my hand mixer, whip it up! 

(For just a few seconds) then add four drops of Rosehip, a few drops of Vitamin E as a preservative and lemongrass essential oil to taste (or smell). & whip a few seconds more until this luxurious consistency is reached.


It just looks so sexy every time.

 Like fluffy cake filling or icing. Reminds me of my pastry chef days and makes me smile every time. I can almost hear my old team screaming “DONT OVERWHIP IT!” in the background as I work.

Overwhipping isnt the worst thing you can do in terms of making your own body lotions as the product will still melt into your skin, releasing the extra air you incorporated into your batch, however if it has been over whipped, you will know by the texture change from smooth and silky to kind of hard and clumpy. You may even be able to to feel the air bubbles between your fingers tips.

This gave me a yield of exactly 8 oz of product which I split evenly between two glass jars. 

I made a product similar to this last weekend and all throughout the week I’ve received great reviews & compliments for not only its long lasting all day effects on the skin but how well it softened curly hair as well . 

I can’t vouch for its effect on the hair, but after a week of daily use I can say that once applied to clean, slightly damp skin post shower or bath I never needed to reapply it throughout the day. My skin remains smoothe and supple until my next bath. 

     Happy whipping !


Gifts From a Violent Universe.

Pain has been dwindling down to mostly none and chiropractic appointments are down to once per month – when my body becomes skewed to the right and said leg goes numb. I then develop a crick in my neck for 4 days and a headache that feels like a bullet to the brain. 

Or maybe the back of a hammer.

It’s hard for me to not be thankful and appreciative of The Universe. The way she works is sometimes gentle or comical,  other times violent and forceful. 

She gets her way no matter what, and she’ll be happy to break a few of your bones and allow you to spend years of your life with the wrong person in order to teach you what you must learn. She definitely doesn’t mind repeating herself over and over again until we get it right. 

The people in our lives and the new ones we meet seem to either mirror back the very qualities we must overcome within ourselves, or serve as examples of what we dream to have or become.

There is no escaping what we project.

It has been almost a year since my life has been all time and money. A situation people dream to be in as most of us seem to struggle with always having one but not the other.

Peanut butter, No Jelly.

During this time, I’ve been a lot less anxious and depressed but with the same amount of introspection. Im now a hell of a lot more patient and gentle with myself. 

I’m Happy.

This is where I want to be.

I stopped the old destructive patterns of rushing my life and successes. I’m already successful; I consistently have everything I need in excess, I’m just here to enjoy the ride.

I’ve been continuing working on my craft(s) and taking them into new directions which has not only been another money saver for me, but has also brought in a little. 

The process itself is still therapeutic.

I alleviated my own skin condition with my own handmade soaps and lotions within a few weeks and have been able to help others do the same, while avoiding topical steroids bored doctors love to prescribe, but often does not work.

Since spilling water on my MacBook after returning from Hawaii in January, I’ve been less distracted and more expiremental. Time in the kitchen mixing and matching, getting it right, testing things out. Studying herbs, oils, and other planty medicinal items.

Then a small victory took place over weekend that gets me excited every time it happens (because this isn’t the first time): A local restaurant featured my photography. 

Pretty awesome, but please hire me one of you. It’ll be cool for my resume. 


When I was living in Northern California, my photography was featured quite a bit among restaurants and travel mags and instagrams. I was a lot more active then as things I love seem to come in bursts and drain me until next time.

I became bored and discouraged and busy,  self sabotage at its worst! but now having plenty of time and little stress has motivated me back into the arts.

 It’s back to being what I eat, sleep, and breathe and the time allows me to not have to pick and choose which one gets my dedicated time and effort on which day off.

There’s now room for every passion to develop. There is now room for transition, friendships, new bonds, 


I can’t be thankful enough for these moments and gifts. 

Dark places often makes us forget the light exists, however the light will always remind us of how dark things could be and


once were.

Chocolate & Succulents: Thing’s I’ve Learned Since Re-Adopting a Holistic Approach for all over Health.

My entire aura smells of chocolate. It’s a smell that is taking some getting used to for me as I am not a chocolate lover by any means, however I made some new things for my skin this week and that is how it smells: like chocolate. Dark Chocolate. 
I’m not a fan, but my skin is buttery soft so I’ll marinate in it anyway. It won’t linger for long.

Friday morning I bought myself an Aloe plant because I have been anxious to develop my very own green thumb. Since I do not live in a house with some sort of yard, I opted for succulents and cacti. Plants that won’t keel over so easily and can flourish on my stoop and window sill. I thought this chunky Aloe plant would eventually be perfect for making fresh aloe vera juice for my soaps and skin stuffs. Right now I’m just interested to see if it will grow further!

Then, earlier in the week I tried and failed at making these puppies 

I’ve been calling these coco bars since the idea came about. The green one was for my hair and the white one was for body. I made the rookie mistake of chilling my hot oils in the fridge and by the time I realized my error, these gems had solidified about 70% of the way and I noticed some minor crystallization and small cracks in my bars. These were still useable for me but not perfect for my intended use.

What I love about them is how minimal the waste has been. I’m not using too much product or fumbling around with a bottle or jar. I simply choose which one I want to use by color,  rub it between my hands to melt and apply to the intended body part. There’s really nothing to throw away once I’m done with it and the only things that will eventually see a landfill are the containers the raw materials came in.


The left side is week old super frizzy corn rows, left side is fresh hair with (bottled) aloe juice and my neem cocobar for braiding. Major difference in shine and control but we’ll see how it looks and feels by the end of the week.

I began making my own hair stuff bout 6 years ago but eventually fell off due to laziness and curiosity of new things on the market. Since being back to nature for the past year and a half for all over holistic health inside and out, there are 3 things I’ve noticed

1. If my skin is sensitive to something, chances are my hair follicle is too

After all, they are made from the same material. In the store I would do a skin test on “natural” hair products. These products still contain a certain level of alcohol and preservatives that are deemed harmless, however if it causes any sort of tingle on my skin or nail cuticle I reshelve it as trash because eventually my scalp will tingle and itch as well causing hair loss around my most sensitive areas. This never fails. If a product can last years on a shelf, chances are its no longer natural.

2. My hair and nails grow like a weed

I can also attribute this to taking time off from working in commercial kitchens where I kept my nails clipped short every week and washed my hands with hot water every 5 minutes. In the photos above you can see how long my nails are: fit for a quick snort of Coke if you are into that. I’m not.

I gave up polishes and their removers which I truly believe contribute to nail weakness unbeknownst to lots of women who don’t understand why they can’t achieve natural length and strength. The biggest growth spurt came after taking my iron supplements religiously to combat anemia. After a few weeks my nails were suddenly long and I found myself needing shave EVERY day instead of once a week.

Long nails transport bacteria very easily so if you have any sort of rash, it could get ugly if you have no self control!

3. Shampoos Are an unnecessary product to get people to buy MORE products.

I haven’t used a shampoo since 2014. I have never seen my scalp so healthy and flake free. No hair fall or excessive dryness to add to my own naturally dry Afro texture. 

Once you use a shampoo, you’ll need the conditioner because now your hair will likely be dry, then you’ll need the shampoo again because the conditioner leaves so much buildup on your hair, not to mention if you use moisturizers, oils and gels on top of that. Dirty hair, itchy scalp. A viscious cycle.

Water only for me.

Diy’ing has proven to be more cost effective as well. I’m able to customize for my own needs, I’m likely able to use the same ingredients for different uses and raw materials tend to last a good while.

It’s overall just a lot more fun to do, and it’s just one of those hobbies that allows me to be a lot more conscious and creative.

Making Soap Instead of Dinner.

03.20.2016 Long Beach, ca

It has been a long time since I decided to snatch my skills away from traditional restaurant work. While I miss the action sometimes, I do not miss the time-suck, getting punished or doing the punishing for something stupid like putting the wrong fruit on a cake for decoration, or not allowing the croissants to proof for the right amount of time. Or, better yet, having a disgruntled customer flinging her food around the table like a child to express her dissatisfaction.

If you asked me even a month ago what I’d be doing today, I would have had no idea other than I wouldn’t be going back to doing the work I once loved. Not only am I unable to stand or sit for long periods of time nowadays but the time I had to take off work showed how mentally draining and energy depleting my previous workaholism had been on me & my relationships. How draining it had been on my own creativity.

So one night recently I decided to make soap instead of dinner. 

It started with my skin reacting harshly yet again to the hard water of L.A once I returned from Hawaii and my boyfriend talking of buying an all-natural soap he had seen elsewhere because the chemicals in his body wash make him look grey after every shower.

I’ve struggled with skin problems forever: eczema, psoriasis. But I always thought soap was just something we were supposed to pick up at the store for $1 per bar and that was that. Yeah, I never stopped to think that someone had to make it, that someone else had control over the ingredients that entered my skin every day.

I also didn’t realize that my training and skill translated so well into cosmetic & holistic arts, but my first batch came out perfectly! And trying new things has unexpectedly morphed me into the neighborhood soap peddler. 

A couple of days ago, my boyfriend was in a conversation with a coworker and expressed his excitement that I was at home making soap. Once he confirmed that it was all natural, customers were born.

Meanwhile I was at home testing the first batch out in my nightly bath for the right amount of exfoliation, suds, texture. The smoothness of my skin after using  a bar, the moisturizing effects. The all over shave ability . Perfect.

One thing that I’ve had to catch myself from doing during this process is taking a spoonful to the mouth to taste for flavor, and understanding that it smells funny in here because although my soaps are all natural I’m now working with saponification: a chemical process to turn natural oils into soap and suds. Not food and frosting.

It’s a running joke that since my boyfriends overbearing family is constantly inquisitive of when I am going to return to “the workforce”. Insinuating that I am lazy and useless behind my back, his annoying brother who lives across the path from us will be extremely confused once I cause an explosion that sends me running from my apartment in my gas mask & rubber gloves.

A supportive partner is important.

Vegetarianism and Other Ways to Practice Commitment.

Commitment is the number one aspect of life I have yet to master. In fact I have yet to even get my feet wet. I dodge bullets like no other, believing in my heart that there will always be a place with greener grass and using my age as an excuse to not even try to practice it.

“Hell, I’m young. I have forever. ”

I have trouble committing to a single idea, a career, a relationship. Even a diet.

I was catapulted into veganism back when I was about 10 years old and was unaware the word existed. The facts at that time were that every time I ate meat I threw up and every time I binged on milkshakes or ice cream or cheese I immediately broke out in what was either hives, eczema or psoriasis. Maybe it was all of the above that morphed me into a scaly iguana and made my hair fall out. I also developed ulcers in my stomach.

As I grew up my reasoning for vegetarianism went from health to flavor. I loved eating fresh everyday. My moods were more balanced, depression at lower levels and my energy was up. Food tasted better, life felt better. I pooped everyday, and I pooped easily.

As I grew more into the type of adulthood in which I paid my bills, I stayed vegetarian because it was cheaper. $10 at the store and I had great food for a week. Although I’ve eaten this way for over half my life, it has not been a perfect journey. I still mess up and get cheese on my pizza or eat sushi.

It’s not in my nature to be in a box.


I trick myself into believing that if I cheat on my diet then I’m a pure fuck up at committing and sticking to my word. But it can also be argued that commitment indeed lies in the perseverance in spite of  circumstance or obstacle. Fucking up doesn’t necessarily mean Im a complete failure at life. I just want cheese on my pizza when I order one.

And in my pasta! Portabello mushroom stuffed ravioli is perfected with the Ricotta.


Vegetarian meals with a speck of cheese have now become my “junk food” when back in the day it was an example of me eating “healthy”; a giant avocado bacon burger or medium rare steak was my junk once upon a time.

Commitment is all about the decision and what goes into making that decision determines whether a person will remain committed through all circumstance and failures or if they will just scrap it all and grab a burger somewhere. 

This can also relate to marriage.

Other ways I’ve been practicing commitment is making myself do some sort of exercise for some length of time every day and drinking tons of water. Not having a regular job to go to or friends to distract me makes it extremely easy to be glued to YouTube or Netflix in a vertical position.

Although I have been extremely content, comfortable and fulfilled in my personal cocoon, there will always be ways I can “get my shit together.”

Introverted Hollywood Rogue.

Long Beach, Ca 02.25.2016

My days have been at their most content. My MacBook showed a sign of life the other morning when I had a dream that inspired me to plug it in and turn it on. Upon plugging it in, the charger turned Amber for the first time since the spill, then when I powered it on it made the sound!! 

That is about as far as it went.  Back to its old shenanigans.


My time has been spent as a happy hermit, laying low and being extremely reclusive. The levels of happiness Ive been experiencing just can’t be bought and I find myself protecting this energy furiously.

I’ve been made aware that my “introversion” is the kind that puts people off. They are unsure of how to judge or perceive. I stay to myself, I don’t call or come around much. I don’t ask for anything or let people know when Im struggling or doing well. Generally I choose who I let in by allowing the true colors of others to shine and this, as we know, can take long amounts of time. 

I’m also a loner by nature. Reaching out doesn’t often cross my mind and this turns me into a ghost.

Being quiet is almost an art. You end up being the carrier of so many secrets and trust. You listen to many judgements and assumptions of your character from people you’ve never spoken to and the acute awareness of the bullshit of others often makes you laugh and roll your eyes.

Since I last posted , I’ve been doing regular activities such as stretching my back, eating, and checking out hot thrift stores. 

I’ve always been more of a sucker for men’s fashion than women’s. I’d rather dress my man than myself. Just give me a maxi dress and I’m good to go. I don’t need any makeup or underwear.

I am, however, a sucker for a good hat and the men’s section always has the best quality.

I’ve been eating tons of glorious vegetarian and vegan food since being back on the mainland. I recommitted. Here was yesterday’s meal at a black and white sports bar called the MVP Grill here in Long Beach.


I had an all too beautiful Greek salad stuffed pita! It had no olives in it which I noticed about 30 minutes after finishing.


And we ordered way more fries than we could handle. 


Ok now..don’t judge.

$24 for all of this plus my company’s order. ‘Twas not a bad deal.

Foodie Adventures: Thai District.

Long Beach, Ca 02.11.16

 Amazing how we are granted great days just when we need them, or maybe great food is the best way to make any day spectacular.
Yesterday my guy and I spent the entire day as a date. Since I am still new to this section of California, I also took this day to familiarize myself with my new city since I am mostly a hermit.

 I finally took the time to see The Revenant as matinée with my fourteen bucks for two (5 stars, it did not disappoint). Entering the theater blew our minds! It was decked out in these brand new leatherish comfy chairs that RECLINED! At the push of a button, our seats slowly dipped down and a foot rest came up. All we needed was a blanket to make us feel like we were at home in our imaginary fancy house watching a film. But we settled for my small sweater.

Afterward, we took a walk downtown to find something to eat and decided to finally give Thai District a shot. An affordable Thai restaurant on Broadway with a cozy atmosphere and creative menu.

It was the very first restaurant that sparked our curiosity when we moved to Long Beach so we wandered in, took a window seat and quickly decided to become regulars. Since I pretty much live on Asian food, with Thai cuisine as my favorite, it’s imperative that I find a great place to eat in every city I’m due to spend a lot of time in.

  Yeah, I sometimes am typical depending on the situation, so I absolutely had to order a Pad Thai upon my first visit. It’s a ritual. Vegetarian of course.

While it was a little sweeter than I am used to, it was absolutely delicious and filling. I ate it all! I was given the option of tofu or plain vegetables in my vegetarian order. I chose tofu with the mind that I, too, would recieve broccoli and carrots as well but I did not. The only  con.

My boyfriend always turns to the curries when it comes to both Thai Food and Indian. He never fails with his orders and I usually end up jealous and asking for bites. Good thing he enjoys sharing 🙂

This time he chose a gorgeous spicey vegetarian style pineapple curry with a side of rice. He got a little adventurous with this order in my opinion, and I was on the fence about it only because I’m not a fan of cooked fruit or a lover of pineapple. But this just may be what I order when we go back next.

The pineapple flavor was calmed down with the creaminess of coconut milk, not too spicy, sweet, or acidic. The Thai basil was far from overpowering and the red seedless grapes that were tucked into the curry was unusual but not so bad. They gave a certain aromatic flavor to the soup but when bitten into, it was pretty much just a hot grape.

For dessert I, of course, had to try their Coconut Panna Cotta with guava and pineapple. It was the first item on the menu that caught my eye when we walked past on my first day in Long beach. In the end, this became my favorite dessert. So good that although we were both full and rubbing our bellies by the time it came we ended up making room to devour it in its entirety.

It had deliciously creamy coconut custard on the bottom topped with a guava jelly, miniature pineapple chunks, a scoop of coconut gelato and two small pieces of a cinnamony sweet crisp. Mmhmm. 

  And This is me after the meal showing off my impeccable food baby. Success!

The grand total was $32 well spent. 

(Free for me though!)

Designing a New Path for Yourself.

Spilling water on my MacBook last week is now being looked at as one of the healthiest events that could have happened. It wasn’t too unfortunate as it revealed to me how much of real life I was avoiding. How many phone calls went unmade, how many letters unreturned, how many forms were not filled out. 

Being highly productive can equate to being highly distracted.

I’ve been dedicating time to scribbling in my idea book instead of executing things right away. Letting things marinate a little more; allowing projects to be polished over in my head. I have space to allow a new style to develop, a new path to be brought to my attention.
I’ve also had the time to unwind and meditate on where to go from here. 

To ask myself the right questions:

1. What new path is aligned with who I am right now? 

2. What are my new inspirations?

3. What do I now value? 

4. Who do I feel that I am at the core of everything else?

The universe goes off like a *ding* in my head when she’s talking to me. My heart feels a little lighter and I follow her guidance.

I didn’t want to be a victim at the end. I did not want to end up saying well, I can’t work anymore because of my physical condition. I wanted to ask myself instead what else it is I would like to do? What are my other interests because my biggest problem used to be “I like to do a bunch of different things. It’s hard to focus on one.”


I’ve been deeply inspired by the art of holistic healing (mental and physical) and am noticing myself moving towards that direction. Asking myself how I could be of service and support to others while still being of service to myself and my own well-being? Something that allowed the time for me to invest in my own arts and creativity. And trusting the answer that came.

I had to be reminded of how cool it was to transition. To enter a new phase. There is nothing but possibility at this point and it’s become more of a gift than a burden. There’s more to the story.

We can’t pray for long lives yet refuse to have the faith it takes to survive it. It’s like wishing for success yet always thinking ourselves into inaction.

In other news, My tiny apartment is starting to feel like a cozy home.  I finally bought a refrigerator this week, we have a dining table and decorative floor mats for the kitchen and a broom.  I’ve been eager to add some succulents and other plants to put around the place but have yet to find my first one. I’ve never had a green thumb so I need something a bit independent.

Choosing a Theme for Your Life.


The ability to connect the dots in my own life has lent me the patience and faith to calm my stress and see things through. 

Along my journey I’ve found that although I could never see, predict, or dream of what might be in store for me in this life, I must let it unfold as it may.

We don’t have the power to change our destiny nor do we have the vision to see it. 

We only have the power to worry. 

We also have the power to learn how to connect the dots and realign ourselves with the change in our direction.

When we have impending stress and anxieties, it takes a conscious effort to tell ourselves not to freak out. To shut up with the negatives of what might come,  and shift the focus to how we may succeed.

Meditate and become grateful for the new shift in your life. Anticipate who you will next evolve to be. What new person you will grow into once you make it out of this one. 

Being still. Listening for the answer. Trusting it when it comes.

You only have the power to worry. 

The same as you have the power to stay calm and enjoy the ride.

I’m happy today.

Small Problems.

I’ve been hit with a ton of bad luck over the last two weeks and all of it added to my regret of ever returning home in the first place. I still have to take care of business matters and wait for my passport so while my return is “justified” it still feels entirely unnatural and all wrong for me to be here.

I’ve been contemplating turning into a fashionably homeless person in another country (cheap living) or state (distance) until things blow over and my life heals but I also know from experience that this never works. While traveling does offer some healing aspects, it never really fixes the root cause of our despair. Returning home is like jumping into a time capsule. Nothing has changed and your entire journey feels like a dream during a long sleep.

However, I am a runaway girl at heart.

I’ve lost nearly all of my inspiration since I’ve been back. The two months I was gone I felt extremely happy and content and blessed. I had tons of ideas, lots to say, lots of plans and optimism. But returning to a depressive environment stripped it all away. 

Being creative, I feel, is all that I am and once it’s gone, I feel no more than a ghost. A shell. 

I’m a pistachio with no nut.

Environments are contagious.

I soak up the energy of whatever place I’m in and this location makes me feel like my life is worthless, that I’ll never achieve anything, I’m just a forgotten soul on this earth that has been chucked out to the trash. An accidental birth.

Just two weeks ago I was floating in the ocean thanking God/TheUniverse  for allowing me to be alive. To experience a beautiful world.

Now I’m in what seems like a dumpster and my gratefulness is nonexistent until I recall that memory. I’m constantly complaining, which brings more negative energy into my life. Like ruining my MacBook, or this head cold I recently contracted that has me laying in a tissue fortress, with a lavender nasal strip strapped to my nose.

My upper lip is shiny from coconut oil I slathered on to combat the dryness that comes with consistently blowing your mucus.

Yesterday on a less than beautiful beach, I told my boyfriend to not take it personally if I do end up running away for awhile. That the way I’ve been feeling the past 6 months is calling me to do so. 

I’ve been feeling completely lost in my life since my accident. No idea how I will make money again as my savings dwindles down, unable to run or workout to blow off steam. Thinking I may have to go back to school although I really hate it and haven’t an idea of what to study that justifies added debt. No one to turn to for help other than a pat on the back and “you’ll be okay.”

Since we had just left my new chiropractor where I was told I should not even try to run for a full year and that I will always have a back condition, my guy just laughed and said, “well, you can’t run away. But you can walk or call Uber.”

I ended the day by watching the first 3 Episodes of “Making a Murderer” and was again reminded of how small my problems are.


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